Adventurers: Oblivion

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Adventurers: Oblivion is a complete makeover for Oblivion. It attempts to 'balance' all aspects of gameplay to maximize fun and minimize frustration. Almost all items, NPCs, creatures, and leveled lists have been altered for maximum fun. No quests have been changed, though.

Extensive changes have been made throughout the game, so I can't guarantee compatibility with other plugins. I recommend starting a new game for the best experience.

I welcome feedback with any problems or ideas you might have. I especially welcome feedback in the official forums for Oblivion. Happy adventuring!

Game Settings:

Item Changes:

Actor Changes:

Magic Changes:

Leveled List Changes:

Rare items are more difficult to obtain :

Better selection of stuff from the start:

More rewards for exploring and fighting:

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Current version: 1.0

Released 8-04-06
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