Adventurers: Oblivion

A Complete Makeover for Oblivion

The 'Adventurers' project involves a complete overhaul of the Oblivion experience. We've attempted to "balance" all aspects of gameplay to reward the player's efforts in a more meaningful way. Almost all items, NPCs, creatures, and leveled lists have been altered for maximum fun.

The Latest:

Friday April 4, 2008 -

Heya folks! Well a lot has happened in the last year, but the bottom line is that now I have a bit of time to update the site and finish up the next version of Adventurers.

I recently noticed that the site has down for a few weeks after we migrated to a new server. Whoops. So we're back online, and also I decided to quickly polish it up with some shiny new CSS and html; so long, tables!

I'm trying to get everything organized again. I was in the middle of a ton of new changes, including Shivering Isles updates. But that was a year ago. So back to work. Drop me a line with your suggestions or complaints. More updates coming soon...

Monday April 9, 2007 -

I've done a LOT more changes to Adventurers than I had originally planned. I'll be releasing a beta version for playtesting in a day or two. Some of the major changes / adjustments are:

Weapon and armor values: there is a larger price jump for better stuff. For example, steel remains the same, but glass is twice as expensive. Also, there is not as drastic a difference between normal and better materials. See the updated spreadsheet for details.

- There is a chance of encountering difficult enemies from the start of the game, and harder enemies can appear sooner. However, at higher levels you can still encounter easy enemies. Also, roads are generally only populated by peaceful animals.

- It is possible to find rare items (daedric, glass, elven, etc.) from the beginning of the game; usually in boss areas, but also sometimes in shops.

Also, I'm gathering ideas for Shivering Isles changes. I'll start by adding the new weapons, armor, and creatures to the spreadsheets, then I'll start editing leveled lists.

Tweak Your .ini!

No, not that one! The one located in your My Documents folder, then look in My Games, then Oblivion. Ok, now open it in Notepad and let's get started!

Increase Visuals:
- fGrassEndDistance=4500 (if you want to see more grass)
- fGrassStartFadeDistance=2500 (ditto)
- uGridDistantTreeRange=20 (from 15, more trees of course)
- uGridDistantCount=35 (from 25)
- bForceFullLOD=1 (forces foreground trees to always render at the highest detail)
- iMaxGrassTypesPerTexture=4 (allows more unique grass types per terrain texture, 4 max)

Misc. Changes:
- fDlgFocus=4.2 (Distance to person during conversation. You may have your personal space back now)
- bHealthBarShowing=1 (straight health bar over each enemy)
- fGlobalTimeMultiplier=1.1 (increases overall game speed a bit)
- bUse Joystick=0 (may increase performance slightly)


Have a Fishy Stick!